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The Alcazaba and Roman Theater free tour in Málaga is one of the best cultural activities recommended by travelers and locals. This tour takes you into a different world, revealing the fascinating history and anecdotes of the Muslim fortification.

Free Tour around the Alcazaba of Malaga

The first thing you should know is that the Alcazaba and Roman Theater free tour is probably one of the best cultural activities you can do in Málaga.

Not because we say so. Travelers from all languages say it… even the locals themselves.

In Málaga, you won’t find a monument that generates so much fascination and unknown at the same time.

The second thing is that on this free tour, you will enter a different world within Malaga. Discover its history and anecdotes.

It’s not just another filler activity or the ideal place to take magnificent panoramas of Málaga. The walls that bring this fortress to life are just the showcase. The real treasure is inside.

If you join the free tour, you will invest your time with someone who knows how to fascinate hundreds of travelers with stories that fill every corner of this Muslim fortification.

Civilizations come and go…

Stories Remain…

In the Alcazaba and Roman Theater Free Tour, we will discover:

And many more things… on the Alcazaba and Roman Theater free tour in Malaga.

P.S.: Below you will find all the information about the free tour and the reservation calendar if you are interested in exploring the historic center of Málaga and its surroundings.

During this “free” or open tour, you will also get to know the legends and mysteries that surround this ancient Arab territory.

It will be a journey full of adventure and excitement.

Details of the Free Tour Malaga Alcazaba

Schedule: Fridays and Saturdays at 4:00 p.m.
Tour duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Available spots: 30
Price: You decide the price
Language: English
Accesibility: This tour is not wheelchair accessible.
Pets: Pets are not allowed.
Includes: Includes guided tour with an Official Local Tour Guide.
Cancellation: Cancellation is free. In case you are unable to attend the tour, we kindly ask you to cancel your reservation, otherwise the guide will be waiting for you.

Free Tour Itinerary In Malaga

These are the places we visited in the Free Tour Alcazaba of Malaga

As you can see, throughout the hour and a half tour, we will take you on a journey through ten centuries of history of the Alcazaba in Malaga.

Our official guides are experts in the city’s history, so feel free to ask them anything you want to know during the guided visit to the Alcazaba in Malaga.

Make your free reservation, and we will be delighted to immerse ourselves with you in Málaga’s Islamic past to complete your visit to the city.

Your guide’s explanations will be clear and straightforward, allowing you to learn about the history of the Alcazaba and Malaga in general.

By the end of the tour, you will understand why Malaga is a place full of tourism.

Exploring its marvelous monuments, streets, castles, and cathedrals is an adventure worth experiencing, one that will leave a lasting impression on you.

Malaga Paso a Paso Tours promotes sustainable and responsible tourism that combines culture, history, and local traditions.

Roman Theatre of Malaga

One of the great postcards of the city is undoubtedly the view of the Roman Theatre under the imposing Alcazaba. We tell you about the importance of the theatre in our city, why the theatre was not rehabilitated until the 90s, and how its original function has been recovered with the celebration of shows inside it today. Several parts of the theatre are preserved, such as the proscenium, the orchestra, or the cavea, and we explain what each of them was used for. The Roman theatre was in operation from the 1st century AD to the 3rd century AD, and some of its parts were dismantled to build the Alcazaba. Fortunately, some original pieces are preserved, such as the fragments of the Lex Flavia Malacitana, which decorate the walls of the interpretation center.

Aduana Square

Before we delve into the subject, let’s talk about the former Palacio de la Aduana, an 18th-century palace that now houses the Municipal Museum of Málaga. Throughout its history, it has served various purposes and has even been a place of accommodation for monarchs such as Queen Isabel II and Alfonso XIII.

Reception at the Alcazaba

Next, we will enter the Alcazaba, specifically the visitor reception area. It was created in the 1990s on the remains of a group of Emiral houses and is slightly separated from the original fortress walls, which you can see through a glass panel. Inside, you will find a scale model of the monumental complex, which we will use to begin sharing the first details about the Alcazaba.

Tower of the Boveda Vaida

This first access tower is named after the vaulted ceiling it has, known as “bóveda vaída”. You can also admire some marble columns that were brought from the ruins of the Roman Theater when the Alcazaba was constructed. Although it may seem strange, this type of practice was common in the past to save on construction materials.

Gate of the Columns

The next stop will take us to the Gate of the Columns, named after the four columns that support the arches forming the gate. The capitals of these columns also belong to the Roman Theater. Additionally, we will explain the circumstances under which the warden of the Alcazaba moved to this location in the 18th century.

Tower of the Arch of Christ

Just before entering the tower, we will explain what the small balcony above the gate is and why there is a key carved in stone next to the first arch of the entrance. Once inside, you will see the niche that gives its name to this place, as it was used to house an altarpiece with a Christ when the tower served as a chapel.

Patio de Armas

In our next stop, we will be at the Plaza de Armas, a beautiful Hispano-Muslim style garden with views of the Bay of Málaga. We will tell you why there are no original remains in this place and what is believed to have happened here after the conquest by the Catholic Monarchs. It is possible that there was a chapel built on the remains of an ancient mosque.

Puerta Cuartos de Granada

Through this gate, we will reach the next level of the Alcazaba. But before that, we will explain how the Muslims used it to defend themselves against attackers. The one you will see is a reconstruction of the original gate, of which only parts of the arches and the lower part are preserved. We will tell you what happened to the original gate.

Patio de Surtidores

In the upper garden, we will come across the so-called Patio de Surtidores, a terraced space where water jets were located, redirecting water from one fountain to another through small channels. These jets are hidden beneath the Chinese-style paving stones on the ground, which are no longer in use. This area was once occupied by small 19th-century houses that were later demolished, revealing one of the hidden treasures of the Alcazaba: a triple arch with an alfiz (a decorative surround) on one of the walls of those houses.

Chambers of King Badis

Next, we will stroll through the Taifa Palace, the part of the Alcazaba that served as the residence for King Badis, and whose remains were discovered during the restoration work of the fortress. You will see different pavilions and arcades with details of caliphal art that were attempted to be imitated during this period. You will also come across the Tower of Maldonado, which served as a royal mosque and still preserves columns with inscriptions from the Quran. From this viewpoint, we will be able to enjoy the view of Mount Gibralfaro and the bay of Malaga at its feet.

Nasrid Palaces

Then we will arrive at the Nasrid Palace, structured around two courtyards. One of them is the Patio de los Naranjos, where you can explore its museum rooms that contain artifacts related to the Alcazaba and the Muslim past of Málaga. In the Patio de la Alberca or Courtyard of the Myrtles, you will see the decorative pool that gives it its name, as well as remnants of the original floor.

Walkway Viewpoint

We will conclude our free tour in Malaga at the walkway-viewpoint located in the northwest part of the fortress walls. From there, you will have a view of the city of Malaga, including the Roman Theater, a sight that is not easily seen from other locations. The walkway-viewpoint was opened to the public in 2017 after extensive restoration and cleaning work in the area, making it one of the most visited places in Malaga by tourists.

End of the Alcazaba Free Tour.

17.30h. End of the tour.

Meeting Point

Your guide will be waiting for you on Alcazabilla Street, next to the glass pyramid.
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The Alcazaba and Roman Theater free tour in Malaga is a step-by-step journey through the interior of the Alcazaba. It offers engaging content for you to enjoy, discover, and truly feel that you are gaining something that enhances your experience in Malaga.

Don’t be deceived; it is much more than just walls and stones. You will delight in its labyrinths, gardens, decorative elements, and Islamic architecture.

During the tour, you will gain a deep understanding of Malagan culture and have the opportunity to visit interesting sites such as Gibralfaro Castle, downtown Malaga, and the Malaga Cathedral.

We recommend making a reservation in advance to secure your spot on one of our guided tours. Join us by making your free reservation.
Pay what you want. There is no fixed amount, as you decide the price at the end of the tour. The only thing we can tell you is that just by listening to the guide at the first stop, you will realize the value you are getting.

No, the monument ticket is not included when booking the tour in Málaga.

General Rate: €3.50

Reduced Rate: €1.50 Students Senior citizens (65 years and older) Retirees Individuals with disabilities (at least 33% disability) Unemployed individuals

Unfortunately, the Alcazaba free tour is not accessible for people in wheelchairs or with mobility difficulties, as these guided tours by local guides are conducted on foot.
Your guide will always be waiting for you with their official guide identification from the Junta de Andalucia, holding a purple umbrella from Malaga Paso a Paso Tours.
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